Covid 19 Procedures

Federation National Office
5998 N Pleasant View Rd
Ponca City, Ok. 74601


Event Restrictions To Meet CDC guidelines

Due to the current and quickly evolving COVID-19 public health concerns and out of respect for our participants, spectators, sponsors and attendees and to help safeguard those who may have high risk family members at home. We will be taking extensive steps at all events until further notice in an effort to do our part to limit the spread. These steps certainly require some temporary changes to the event flow so we ask for your patience with those temporary added safety measures. We will join with the rest of the various sports organizations, meeting planners and groups nationwide to help limit interactions and large group concentrations of public crowds for as long as it is necessary to protect the health and safety or our anglers, staff and communities in which we do business.

All circuits under the federation angler umbrella of companies including but not limited to;

The Bass Federation, Inc (TBF),,
The Walleye Federation, LLC, (TWF),,
Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit (MWC),, Student Anglers Federation (SAF) High School fishing program,,
North American Bass Challenge (NABC),
National Bass Anglers Association (NBAA)
and all other Federation Angler connected events will operate under these special procedures until further notice.

As is always the case, safety is the paramount concern to our participants, spectators’ families, staff, communities and sponsors. That won’t ever change, so this is a fluid situation and subject to CDC advisories, state, local and federal laws and other factors therefore changes additions or event cancelations may have to be made to it on short notice.  But as of today March 15th all scheduled events currently listed as ongoing are planned to proceed under these safeguards.

Because of the very nature of our sport of competitive fishing events, participants are already Socially distanced from the other teams and any crowds for almost all of the event out in the open water in their boats away from anyone, so we are comfortable with continuing to safely hold the events and are adding other special safeguards to limit specific interactions during event rules briefings and weigh-ins where necessary.

First, rules briefings/meeting; Will be the anglers choice to attend in person or it will be live streamed on our websites so it can be watched remotely if it is a concern. We have a signed entry release from each participant that clearly states you have read the rules and understand them. So, we will wave the mandatory attendance requirement. You can watch the rules briefing online or from inside your nearby parked vehicle. Any outdoor seating will be limited and social distancing will be required that meet CDC social guidelines. Extra sound systems will be utilized so that all can hear even from parked cars.

Morning Take offs  – are closed to spectators we will live stream them. Livewell and safety checks will be done in a drive by fashion. Boat ID markers will be given at that time.

Weigh-ins – We are requesting that spectator attendance at all weigh-ins be limited to our anglers, their immediate family and essential staff only inside the weigh in area. Social distancing MUST be observed or you will be required to leave. Face covering may be required depending on location and need. All events will be open air events, no indoor weigh ins or rules meetings will be held during this time frame so that people can feel comfortable spreading out as far as needed including sitting and listen to the briefings or weigh ins from their vehicles, etc. Access will be restricted to various areas, stages, weigh in tanks and take off docks, etc. Ultimately, we encourage all fans to stay home and watch our anglers weigh in LIVE on various circuits websites home page via the extensive LIVE streams, Facebook LIVE, and LIVE Leaderboards, etc. coverages we produce on the internet. NO MATTER WHAT if you are sick STAY HOME. Check that events website/fact sheets and social media posts for details.

During weigh-in – Multiple flights will be added to space out the anglers into small flights and multiple weigh in tanks will be added to ensure proper fish care and to comply with CDC social distancing, barriers to physically separate anglers and force social distancing in line will be put into place. In some locations ONLY 1 member of any team event may be allowed in line or weigh the fish in. NO extra teams, extra people or spectators may enter the weigh in line area. ONLY official weigh in bags can be used and they will be limited to ensure no violations of the social distancing rules.  Anglers might not be allowed on stage, if so, they will cross in front of stage on camera set their bag of fish in the stage container provided and officials will weigh them and hand them back off the stage for pictures and return to the lake.

Depending on location and rules at the time no awards ceremony may be held that would gather a group of people. All plaques, trophies and prize checks can be mailed to the winners or they can be called up one at a time from their vehicles, socially distanced locations or boats.

Further decisions\adjustments\changes to this policy may be made at any time as we monitor’s the situation under the guidance of medical and public health professionals, government officials and the advice of the CDC. Please work with our staff who is trying to help you.

“We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding” stated Robert Cartlidge Federation National Office President /CEO. “It impacts us all when our fans, sponsors and spectators cannot interact with our events, however due to current COVID-19 guidelines in the US, it is in everyone’s best interest to follow the path laid out by officials and to do our part in conducting the safest possible events for everyone concerned. So, if can do our small part to help stop the spread and protect those that may be high risk then that is what we need to do.”

As a reminder, and as health experts have publicly advised there is no reason to panic, the chances of contracting and certainly dying from COVID-19 is very small according to health experts. According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) for most people, the immediate risk of becoming seriously ill from the virus that causes COVID-19 is LOW.  Based on the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on everyday prevention of any viral infection, such as the flu or Covid-19 we HIGHLY recommend the following tips:

  • STAY HOME – when sick or living with a sick person.
  • DISTANCE – stay at least 6 feet away for other persons
  • COVER – the nose, mouth when sneezing or coughing and/or wear a face covering at all times when you cannot socially distance.
  • OFTEN – Wash your hands OFTEN with soap and water.
  • ROUTINELY – clean frequently touched surfaces and objects.
  • LIMIT – face-to-face contact or Hand to face or eyes contact.
  • CONSULT a healthcare provider as needed.