Federation Angler TV

The Federation Angler affiliated circuits and groups has extensive TV coverage and deep reach into the grassroots of fishing.  We invite you to join us!


Our 2022 show lineup is listed below by network.

FederationAngler TV anchors the Ranger block on Tuesday nights in primetime!  The Ranger Block is the most-watched fishing block on Pursuit!

Airing begins the week of Dec 27 and run through JUNE!

Pursuit Channel, Pursuit High School, Outdoor Action TV, Right now TV,  the Action Channel and more carry our programming. ENJOY!

Pursuit Primetime Federation Angler 2022 TV Schedule

Pursuit SAF High School Fishing Schedule 2022


Federation AnglerTV shows air 24/7/365


RIGHT NOW TV 2022 Federation Angler TV Schedule


ACTION CHANNEL – 2022 Federation Angler TV Schedule